Business cards

After getting a late invitation to Alt Summit, I wasn’t really prepared since the domain had just been bought and a few ideas jotted down in my notebook.

A quick meeting with my friend who just started designing business cards brought me to this lovely lady

Which is perfect and had been what was sitting inside of my brain for the past year.  But then I started feeling overwhelmed.  Like really overwhelmed.  I looked at the other business cards online and on Pinterest and knew I needed a bit of a wow factor.  After contemplating a yummy treat that was circus related, I couldn’t find one that was small enough or wouldn’t get totally squished in a bag.  Cotton candy, animal cookies, clown noses…these were all too much.

Then I remembered a fun treat I got once at the circus.  It’s carnival related too, but just the right size for what I need.  Fortune fish!  Does anyone else remember these?

I am burning the midnight oil and need to catch up on my beauty sleep for tomorrow.  I hope these little packages have a big impact!!