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Poached eggs & brussels sprouts

I have another quick breakfast recipe involving eggs to share! I’m always on the lookout for ways to cook eggs differently since we get about 4 a day with our hens and my kids seriously crave variety. A few months ago while at the Farmers’ Market with Patrick, he picked out brussels sprouts as a new vegetable to try. I really enjoy them with bacon and thought to myself, “Why NOT cook them for breakfast!”

I hope you enjoy this breakfast/brunch recipe as much as I do!

2 eggs
2 slices of bacon
A handful or two of brussels sprouts (side note – I never measure things unless I’m baking. Use about a serving or more for this recipe.)

Shave brussels sprouts or slice in half. Shaving will cook these much faster – so it’s up to your individual taste.


Slice bacon into small pieces and cook at medium heat.


When cooked, place pieces on a paper-towel lined plate to soak excess fat. Add brussels sprouts to pan and cook for a few minutes. Adding halves will take a little longer, but you’ll want to cook these babies up in delicious bacon fat!

As these cook, start poaching your eggs.

When your sprouts are done cooking, plate them up and mix in your bacon. Add your eggs and enjoy! I’ve added a little truffle salt in the pic – more for flavor than salt. This dish already has salt so I don’t add any to my eggs. Garnish as you please!



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Easter basket ideas for toddlers

Easter will be here shortly and I wanted to share a few goodies that will be appearing in a few baskets in my home!

I try very hard not to include a lot of candy and junk, but know that it’s fun to enjoy special treats once in a while. I really enjoy finding new books or creative craft supplies and had a great time with the roundup below. The colored pencils are double sided and come in a variety of beautiful spring colors. Of course egg sized chalk are an eggsellent (ha!) addition to any basket. I seriously want the bunny ball for myself and who can resist a classic set of Peter Rabbit books. And funfetti Peeps – I had no idea you were a thing!


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Washi tape egg garland

I own a lot of washi tape. This is maybe a third of my stash.


We craft a lot with washi tape and since it’s almost Easter and my mantle needed some color, I thought why not create some giant washi tape eggs!

Making a washi tape egg garland is a great craft for toddlers and you can adjust how much help they might need according to their skill level. I started with a few pieces of printer paper and drew two giant egg shapes per page. Then, I let Patrick and Alice decorate each egg as they wanted. Some tape is more difficult to get started with little hands, but most I had they could do themselves.

Once the length is measured, they can cut their tape.

Patiently pushing the tape from one end to the other since Alice likes it very flat! IMG_20140406_123904

I then cut the eggs in the pencil tracing I started with, and the kiddos helped me create an order for our garland. We finished with cutting a small hole at the top of each egg and stringing it with colored twine to hang on our mantle.


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DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Earlier this year, perhaps January or February, I was flipping through the Williams-Sonoma catalog when I came across a very cute egg decorating kit that let you paint your hollowed out eggshells with chalkboard paint. I was immediately in love with this since I throw that paint on anything but then the thought of hollowing out eggs with two toddlers and having them try to decorate eggshells without breaking the whole thing had me feeling a bit nervous. Luckily I remembered almost purchasing wooden eggs to paint for last Easter, and that got me inspired to buy them and paint for the kids to decorate!

I painted the eggs in two batches since they are a funky shape and I didn’t want the paint to stick to the surface where they were drying. I had a few leftover paper cups in my pantry, so I turned those upside down to ensure the eggs wouldn’t roll around.


Once it was dry, I pulled out the chalk, and we started decorating! The best part about these wooden eggs is that they’re perfect for toddler hands. Also, rather than regular paint which I had thought of using last year, we can decorate every day or as often as we want by using chalkboard paint. And oh the ideas are endless when you throw into the mix how many colors of chalkboard paint you can buy, and patterns you can put on with chalk!


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