Alt SF

Hi friends from Alt SF!

I am new.  Not to blogging.  I had my first blog 11 years ago, but this site was rolled out last month.  with the awesome help of my web designer ( and graphic designer (, we’ve been able to get this up and running!   I got a surprise email from Alt Summit stating they still had room in their conference that was previously full.  This was all after finding out that my thyroid was done with me and I was going to take a bit more time to get my health on track first and foremost.  Now that i have my energy back, I’m here to chronicle my crafts, recipes, activities, fun stories, and adventures with my family.

Please feel free to leave feedback – I’m loving to learn about the blogging world again.  I encourage pro tips like “Girl, stop using your camera phone and use a professional one!!”  I’m incredibly thrilled that you’ve stopped by, and I hope to see you again soon!