St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

I love making St. Patrick’s Day crafts with my kids because it means time to create lots of rainbows! I’ve put together a selection of our favorite crafts we make to decorate our home.

Toddlers love using anything big to dip and paint – so I used a toilet paper roll squished into a heart shape (same thing we did for Valentine’s Day) and told the kids to repeat that a few times to create a shamrock.

And of course you have to add a rainbow. I thought it would be fun to use q-tips for each color to mix it up. Can you tell Patrick is left handed? 😉

The rainbow shamrock wand Patrick wanted me to help out a lot more. He did a bit with cutting and sprinkling glitter, but wanted me to do most of the work which I was happy to do. As much fun as he has with squishing glitter on paper, he knew he couldn’t do the shamrock and is a perfectionist just like me. I could see him getting frustrated when he first started, so I told him that I’d help squeeze the glue and he got to guide where it went. The best part was he was making it for Alice as a surprise!

We cut out a few hearts and glued them together with ribbon and a straw. We then added glitter and waited for it to dry before giving it to Miss Alice who was only a year old at the time. She really enjoyed shaking as much glitter off as possible for a “glitter party”.

Not only can hearts form a nice shamrock for kids to decorate, but slicing a pepper can also be used as a stamp to create large shamrocks.

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without rainbows galore, so we also do a science experiment to see how water helps flowers grow. The kiddos love to watch them change into a giant rainbow on the kitchen table.

One of my favorite crafts as it keeps my kids occupied and quiet for a while is a tissue paper rainbow.

I cut tissue paper into squares and draw a rainbow on a piece of paper. Your kids can decide where they want the tissue to go and dip it in glue with a pencil, and crinkle it up to create a great 3-D effect. Cotton balls for clouds, and voila!

And while your kids are creating, don’t forget to do something for yourself – a double rainbow manicure! I painted my nails green except for my ring finger. I used a small makeup sponge and painted a rainbow directly on it and applied that to my ring fingernail.

When that dried, I applied this to the top.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve included a few affiliate links below (and one above!) for some of the items we used for our crafts. Enjoy!