Valentine crafts for toddlers

I wanted to share a few crafts we’re working on to decorate our house for Valentine’s Day.

For the first, I have my kids paint X’s and O’s along with hearts. Can you tell that orange is Patrick’s favorite color at the moment? This is great practice for letter writing, and I’m surprised at how patient they are when they’re perfecting their hearts. After that dries (so no elbows get dipped in the paint) we attach ribbon and pom poms wherever we want.

We also did another craft that we’ve done the last two years – hearts with toilet paper tubes! We added some thumbprint hearts since that’s easy and fun for kiddos. Making thumbprint hearts was the first Valentine I sent out when Patrick was only a few months old – also incredibly easy way to send Valentine cards to loved ones when you have a baby. And the mess is pretty much non-existent compared to handprint crafts which don’t always turn out the way you want.

Pinch the toilet paper roll at one side, and fold the top into a heart. It takes no time and then have your kids go nuts with making designs, patterns, etc. Once that dried, we added washi tape as we pleased.

I had some heart doilies to attach to Valentines that Patrick was using for his preschool friends, and was trying to think how we could finish using up the last few. I searched through our craft closet, and grabbed some string and the watercolor set.

This craft was my favorite because both kids took their time creating and testing colors. After Valentine’s day is over, I’ll be sure to move this from our mantle to my bedroom. I’m just in love with how cute it is!

I hope you enjoy making with your kids, and I’ve provided affiliate links below for most of the items we used. Happy love day!