Forest on First Preview

Another amazing cafe is opening in Los Altos and today we were all invited to a preview party. It’s called Forest on First and it’s an all natural organic cafe with juice bar and treehouse for the kids to play. Yes, I said treehouse, people!


We were greeted with their signature green juice and I got to try a latte. Obviously the coffee is amazing since it’s Four Barrel, and the juice is really smooth and fresh.


Alice loves any type of green juice and as you can see, she couldn’t put her glass down!


Patrick had a great time navigating around the treehouse while we got to sample the menu. In addition to being a sit down restaurant, you can order dinner to bring back home. My word, I am counting down the minutes till I can take home a roasted whole chicken. It’s juicy, tender, and the rub is perfect. Not too salty, but full of flavor and a very small hint of heat.

Behind the eating area, there’s a huge place for kids to play and run around. Alice loved playing with the magna tiles.


The reading nook looked so cozy, especially on this overcast and rainy day.


If you are a fan of Bumble, I know you will love Forest on First. Same concept of local and fresh food while providing a place for kids to explore. Also, I am a sucker for cute details like a roll of butcher paper attached to the side of wall featuring daily specials, chalkboard menu and vintage arrow sign.


If you’re in the area, come play with us soon!