Olympic sorting game

I want to share a great sorting game to get little ones excited for the upcoming Olympics. Two years ago Patrick was Alice’s age, and he loved doing this game over and over again for the summer games.

PJ Sorting

I placed a bowl full of pom poms on the table along with a child’s set of chopsticks and paper ring set I bought at a local party store. I placed the rings on the table and told Patrick to grab the chopsticks and place a pom pom in the ring. Once he got the hang of the chopsticks, we decided to play again by placing the corresponding color pom pom with the ring. Obviously there are many ways to “play” this game, and you can make it as easy or hard as you want. I love it because it keeps little hands busy and little minds thinking about new versions to play once they feel they’ve mastered the level they’re on.

You can also teach what the Olympic rings represent, what the games mean, etc while they are playing. It’s a really easy set up and clean up which is always a plus in my book.

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