Olympic Ring Center

Can you tell I’m getting slightly excited that the Winter Olympics are almost here? I was able to attend the games in Barcelona in 1992 with my family and watched everything from gymnastics to synchronized swimming to pretty much every track and field event. As a child, I loved paying attention to the medal count, looking up information about other countries, and learning the history behind flags. Now that Patrick and Alice are showing interest in different flags, I thought it would be great to set up an Olympic Ring Center in our home.

Patrick helped create a sign made with a flag banner, markers, and colored rings. We’ll soon add a medal count and we also have a great book on Flags of the World – see link below. We also use this book when we learn about different cultures and cook dinners from other countries. It’s a great resource for toddlers because of the big pictures of each flag and not too detailed description of each country.

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