Welcome ALT SLC friends!

Yay – you made it to my blog and I’m 100% I’m excited that I met you during Alt!

A little about myself – I’m a stay at home Mom with two kids (maybe three if you count my hubby…I kid…kinda) and four chickens and we live in Mountain View, CA. Patrick is 4 and Alice is 2 and we love doing crafts, going for nature walks on the way to the park, cooking, eating out, and traveling. This blog is where I post all of that and then some.

For example, today we all helped plant a ton of flowers, cleaned out the chicken coup, dug holes for bulbs, and tried to figure out exactly where to plant all the fruits and veggies for next season.

It was a lot of work with finding a LOT of roots in one section of the yard (oh, right next across from the sequoia tree – what a surprise!), trying to work with soil that has lots of clay in it, and still finding shards of glass from a ginormous glass window that shattered a few years ago when we renovated our home. Phew!

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And to my friends and family who follow my blog – I am about to head off to a conference in Salt Lake City and I’m really pumped because I get to relax for 3 days, learn new things about blogging and design, and party it up with the most creative people around!! The nerd in me is already looking forward to blogging about everything and I haven’t even packed yet!