Christmas ideas for a 4 year old

I love finding a good deal, unique clothes, or creative toys for kids. A few of my friends have asked me to create a gift guide for my kids, and I’m happy to share. I am not purchasing all of these things for my kids – some are coming from Grandparents or others – so please don’t think I’m dropping cray-cray money on my little ones. I also know a good bargain and have bought most of these on sale earlier in the year.

One of Patrick’s big presents are Tegu blocks. My kids love creating, and I love how these are different because they’re magnetic. So many reasons to love this toy – well made, safe, and sustainably sourced. And, I got them 60% off which makes it a fantastic deal.

Grandma and Grandpa love playing and creating cities with Patrick. These blocks will be perfect for many creations.

And to add to city play – a creative and incredibly cheap background

Patrick looooves Minecraft. I cannot describe his love for this game. I had to add this to his list.

Fournier had a great Black Friday sale which worked out perfectly since I’d had my eye on this Ring Master for several months. We have a cute circus set, and the Ring Master is the first thing that Patrick grabs when we set it up.

I found these at a local shop and think they will make the perfect stocking stuffer

Books are my favorite present for kids and I have not totally finalized this part yet. Slacker!! Also, I’m trying to figure out if I divide the games like Hungry Hungry Hippos or make that a joint present from Santa. Any ideas as to what works the best with games and sharing with your kids?

The share present from Santa will be this with paint, brushes, and lots of paper

Both kids are getting slingshots. Too cute to pass up!!

And the most important present I get for my kids that my Grandfather used to get for us Grandkids for Christmas is the gift that will help others through I loved getting a goat donated in my name as a child and hope my kids do as well.

That wraps up my 4 year old gift guide. Hope this helps give you a few ideas for shopping for little ones.

Now it’s time to wrap!