Beautiful calligraphy

I had the opportunity to take a calligraphy class recently and needless to say, I am obsessed with writing and doodling now!

I attended with my friend Katelyn who blogs at Love, Luck, Kisses, and Cake.

The class was held at The Makery which still has the best tagline

It also included snacks

and champagne

so let’s not kid ourselves – it was 3 hours of relaxation and creation.

We received a started kit in addition to other calligraphy goodies

and I have to mention that I was quite nervous when we started as all of the other ladies had done calligraphy before and I had no idea how to even hold the pen! After lots of practice, I felt more confident and started creating tags for Christmas presents

If you’ve never done calligraphy before it’s hard to explain how hard it is to actually get your letters to look normal, let alone pretty. Our teacher, Diva Pyari, made every stroke and flourish look effortless as she taught. But, she also went incredibly slow and every movement was deliberate. Three hours went by quickly as we got lots of practice writing and doodling

I love the style that Diva has, and she sells these at Anthropologie, so she’s pretty legit.

Three hours was not enough time to learn everything so I get to practice practice practice at home. And, hopefully I can get a little creative on my Christmas cards this year!