Things to do in Mountain View – Parks & Rec Classes

I try not to sign my kids up for many activities while they’re young.  I feel that playing is a great way for them to learn and grow without having to be rushed from one event to another.

The one class I will sign them up for in the Fall is youth soccer through the city.  Mountain View like most cities offers a variety of classes and events and with our beautiful Fall weather I think that soccer for my kids is a perfect match.  This is Patrick two years ago

And very focused

Our first week started off great with Patrick really enjoying his class.  He said his hands are in his pockets so he wouldn’t touch the ball as he kicked. (He’s in the Giants jersey and gray shorts)

And as Alice started her session, she had a major nosebleed so we went home to attend to her!  We’ll have to get a nice pic of her next time.

I am incredibly blessed to be a stay at home Mom with my two kiddos and feel that classes like this are great for them to have them listen to “coach” and have some fun.

What did you enjoy playing as a kid or have your child enrolled in this year?