Back to school dinner

Patrick is only attending preschool right now for 2 mornings a week and there’s no real break between him going from the 3’s classroom to the 4’s.  Since he was gone to Australia for almost a month with James, I thought his return would be a great time to host a little back to school dinner to get him excited for his new classroom and teachers.

I decided to set the table with a few classic school decorations.  Opening the box of pencils immediately gave me anxiety as it reminded me of finals at college!

Both kiddos had their own place setting with a dry erase board and crayons

And I made homemade alphabet soup

Recipe to follow!!  I thought I had a scrap paper where I wrote a few notes and measurements, but something tells me that my little clean up monster Alice has thrown it in the garbage as she does with anything she thinks looks used/done with.

And an easy dessert with graham crackers and frosting

Does your family have any back to school traditions?