Storage ideas

As I mentioned in a previous post, James is gone for 22 days with Patrick and that has inspired me to do a deep cleaning of the entire house, garage, and give the front and backyard a makeover and possibly build a chicken run.  Phew!!

Today I added 2 more organizational tools to my bathroom and closet.

I’m not a girly girl by any stretch of the imagination and rarely use a hair dryer.  I didn’t have a special drawer built with an outlet for plugs when we remodeled only because I don’t use it that often.  The fact remains that it still gets some use, but the cord and shape make storage a nightmare.  Pinterest to the rescue!!

I used a magazine holder and 2 command strips – links below.

Next, I added a 3-tier file rack to the inside of my closet for clutches, wallets, and sunglasses.  Since this is on the heavy side, I used 2 command hooks.

These were super easy to install and up in no time.  I imagine you could use the file rack for jewelry or scarves too!!