It takes a village

Most of us know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” and those words seem to ring true once you’re a parent!

James has been working later than usual the past month or so and just left for NYC for work last week and is off for 22 days with Patrick in Australia.  On those late nights, I’ve been doing what I’ve been dreading – making two dinners.  I hated the thought of this when my kids were little because I didn’t want them to eat different food than what I ate.  The only reason I’m doing this is to enjoy a nice warm meal with my hubby rather than eating an earlier dinner with the kids.  It’s so much better sharing a bottle of wine with someone!!

I also want to acknowledge that I’m not complaining at any point.  I always wanted to be a Mom when I grew up and there’s nothing more I love than staying at home with my kids.  We’re not from a military family so I have no idea what other parents actually go through with having to deal with their loved one far away for so long.  This is not a whine post – but an actual question about time management.

Sometimes as I’m picking weeds or mowing the lawn I wonder if I should have someone come and do this.  Or scrub my tubs.  Or even cook a meal or two now and then.  I have friends who have landscapers, maids, chefs, and often wonder when is the time to pass the torch to someone else.  Do I need to since I’m a stay at home Mom?  Also, maybe I should get a babysitter more often so James and I can enjoy a night out and about.  Or maybe just time to recharge for myself.

What do you pay someone to do that you’re just done with?  Or what do you dream of paying someone to do?  Does your significant other give you a special window of time to enjoy yourself – like a Sunday morning coffee/walk through the park with no kids?  I’m curious as to what other families do with their time/money.  It takes a village to raise a child, and I’m thinking someone else from my village needs to give Mama a quick break!  What works best with your family?