Patrick’s 4th Birthday

Almost any time someone asks my kids how old they are, they say it out loud along with raising the appropriate number of fingers.  I loved asking Patrick how old he was yesterday – and he was excited to hold up another one!

One tradition I loved as a child was going to my favorite restaurant on my birthday.  I’ve continued that with my kids, and Patrick told me that he wanted to go to Bumble for dinner. I thought it would be for the obvious reasons – yummy food, sandbox, playroom – but he said he loves the milk there.  Fine by me!

For those who haven’t been, you need to make a trip even if you’re not in the area. Bumble is a farm to table restaurant not only boasts a delicious menu, but an incredible playroom with staff for your kids to play while you eat.  Yes, you dine sans children and enjoy some great grub and booze.  “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” is always the response I get from my friends when we visit.  I’ve brought along family, friends, former neighbors, even people without kids.  This place is amazeballs – and I’d go every day if I could.  Cheers!

An aquarium separates the playroom with one of the dining rooms which is fun for me as a Mom cause I can get to see how my kids play with others, but don’t have to watch them.

Patrick popped up in one the bubbles through the playroom to say hi.  He’s shaking maracas and making tons of noise but we can’t hear a thing through the aquarium as I sip my guava bellini.  Brilliant.

You have the option to send the food to the playroom and another thing I love about this place is that the food options for kids are so healthy.  Patrick ordered salmon, cheese, strawberries, and milk.

We continued the birthday celebration with some dessert.  Someone’s thinking hard about his wish.

Gotta stand up to get all of em!

Walking out always means a quick trip to the sandbox to get our last bit of play in. Tonight was special as we had some live music:

After dinner, we went to our local bike shop.  We were going to surprise Patrick with a bike and he didn’t really understand at first.  I asked him why he thought we were there and he said that we should get a bike for Daddy!!

Once we walked over to the small bikes, he figured it out and had a grin that spread from ear to ear.  My cautious Patrick hopped on the first bike he saw and rode throughout the store.

He and Daddy did one quick ride around the block when we got home.

I would have joined, but had to quickly pack James who was going to NYC for a few days just minutes after their excursion.

Patrick said he had the best birthday ever!  And of course has gone on 2 rides already since last night’s ride.

Happy birthday to my favorite little guy in the whole wide world.  I can’t believe how quickly 4 years has flown by.