Things to do in Mountain View – Outdoor Movie Nights

The city of Mountain View has great programs for citizens of any age in any given season.  Every Spring, the Mountain View Voice has a handout  for the city’s Summer activities, and the Outdoor Movie Nights are one of my favorite things to do with kids on a Friday night.

We have been attending these since my kids were babies – which is nice because they were great at nursing and then falling asleep in my arms while the movie played.  This was the first time Alice wasn’t able to go.  She just turned 2 and is an angel when you put her to bed on time.  Since the movies start right at her bedtime, I thought it would be fun for a Patrick & Mommy night.

I met a super fun gal up at Alt SF who lives a hop, skip, and a jump away from me.  Her name is Katelyn, and she writes a blog called Love, Luck, Kisses & Cake  Check her out! She had a fantastic spread before the movie started and invited us to share.  And I introduced her to Blue Line Pizza a few days before and she loved it, so her hubby grabbed some of their to DIE for garlic bread.  This is just the beginning…

Patrick handed out glow bracelets to nearby kids

Getting himself set up with Hippo and Stomp

Having a blast with selfies

And Wreck It Ralph begins!!

I love these nights because most of the parks are within walking distance of our home so we don’t have to worry about driving and parking.  Also, they serve popcorn and drinks so all you need to bring is a blanket!