Bastille Day

Or La Fête Nationale is celebrated by the French every 14th of July.  I have relatives in France and have only been there to celebrate Bastille day once.  I was 12, and I remember a lot of eating and fireworks.

As my kids grow up, I think it’s important for them to know and understand the world around them.  We have a great book that lists every country, flag, and a few fun facts.  Since they’re still 2 and 3, they don’t comprehend everything I tell them, but it’s fun to find the country on our large map in our office and practice speaking a few words in that language.

Local produce and baguette, but the cheese and drinks were from France!

My Mom perfected her little veggies in our new ratatouille recipe we found

I made coq au vin for the first time.  Never had it before so I don’t know how it compares to other recipes.

And since a local bakery does macarons the best I’ve had outside of France, well, I had to pick a few up.