Plum Crazy

My husband and I bought a house a year ago.  That whole process plus remodeling the entire place from floor to ceiling to plumbing to doorknobs in addition to a revamp the the front and backyards will be a few posts within itself!!  We knew we bought a property on a former fruit farm but were not aware until a few weeks ago that a random tree we decided at the last moment not to cut down (i.e. it was not a bottlebrush that I was allergic to) was actually a fruit tree!!

It was overgrown with weird branches and someone thought it was a fig, while others thought maybe plum or apricot.  All I knew is that when we moved in a year ago, there was no fruit on it then, so I figured there would be no fruit on it again.  Sometimes I am so happy when I am wrong.

Beautiful peach colored fruit appeared and I was overjoyed that we had apricots!!  All of a sudden they changed color, and became plums.  Okay okay, I know they didn’t change, but they did in my mind.

Luckily we share a tree with our next door neighbors that yields apricots so I’m happy for the variety.

It is like watching a rainbow because after they light colors, they even out.

Hopefully I have some happy neighbors:

Mayhem after my 4 chickens are allowed to roam around:

Back to being full and purple:

And then consumed in an apricot plum tart:

What are your favorite recipes with plums?