Makers Gonna Make

Creatives, sewers, party planners, and friends who love producing things – there is an unbelievable space for you. is a new shop opened in Downtown Los Altos full of felt, books, fabric, bunting, etc pretty much a heaven for someone like me.  I haven’t checked out the studio, but I believe there is an embroidery machine, sewing machine, classes, and a typography machine.

Felt is sold by weight or in these cute containers:

I love that pairing since they are the colors of my son’s bedding.   Fun banner over his new curtains!!

The Makery also sells turkish towels in every color.  I had to get just one this time.  Perfect for layering tablecloths!  Also in addition to every color of washi tape, they also sell fabric tape.  Great for a quick touch me up to a boring votive.

This is one corner of one section of the store:

Aaaaand the logo is pretty amazeballs.  (Rainbow editing mine)