My Little Ladies

My husband James grew up with chickens in his backyard while living in Australia.  My Aunt had them too, but it wasn’t something I was excited about until I actually had my own backyard and was trying to figure out what to do with all of this space!  James and I lived in a one bedroom apartment till our son was born and we moved on up to a two bedroom condo.  Once we ran out of room with our daughter, we were lucky enough to score a house with a great backyard.

We didn’t add chickens right away, but what sparked my interest even more was one of my friends suggested we take a class together in raising chickens.  Since I knew little to nothing, but James knowing so much, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to play catch-up with chicken knowledge. Love Apple Farms holds tons of great classes and I was distracted before I could even register for one!!  I’m pumped to have bees at some point, but my hubby not so much.

The grounds are beautiful to say the least, and this was the view – in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Lots of greenery between the classroom and where chickens and goats were kept

This guy loved the attention

The class was easy to understand and we got 4 chicks at the end!!  I was trying not to squee too loudly when we walked in and this is what we saw

These 4 came home with me and it was great to watch everyone hold and love them

and watch them sleep

They grew super quickly

and love exploring our backyard.

Here they are in their awkward teen phase – middle of losing their fluff and gaining feathers.  The black one is named Lacey since she’s a laced wyandotte, Matilda is the golden one and she is a buff cochin.  The other two are Betsy and Abigail, named for famous American ladies since they are the ameraucana breed.

Once they were old enough to go outside, James built a lovely coop and then we added a chicken run for them.  The first night in their new coop, my son Patrick stayed by their side to make sure they all went upstairs to sleep together.  He always calls them his girls!

They don’t produce eggs yet, but it’s great to show the kids a little responsibility and see how the interact with the girls.

Here they are at 2 months old.  I can’t wait for fresh eggs soon!